Alcohol rehab near me

Alcohol rehab near me

Silver Sands Recovery is a JCAHO-accredited alcohol rehab near me with several positive reviews and an excellent track record. Some benefits of professional alcohol treatment include:

  • Medical Stabilization

It is normal to experience significant withdrawal symptoms when you quit drinking cold turkey. Medical detox is a critical part of addiction treatment that can help you overcome withdrawal symptoms safely. The procedure als prepares your mind, body, and soul for a long-term treatment process. Besides, it can prevent you from relapsing in the near future in combination with medication and psychotherapy.

  • Safety

Recovering from addiction at home is not only largerly ineffective but can lead to dangerous consequences as well. Joining a drug treatment rehabilitation center can help you receive personalized medical detox, customized therapies, individual attention, and around-the-clock medical care. You are less likely to experience health complications during the withdrawal phase. Also, psychotherapies can help you attain comprehensive recovery from addiction and co-occurring mental health issues.

  • Reduced Risk Of Relapse

Studies state that only a small share of those who receive professional drug and alcohol addiction treatment end up relapsing. On the other hand, people who attempt to quit drugs on their own are at a high risk of experiencing a full-blown relapse. Undergoing rehab treatment in a professional setting will drastically reduce the relapse risks, while preparing patients for a healthy and sober lifestyle long-term.

  • Therapeutic Intervention

Ranked as one of the top-rated rehab centers near me in Prescott, our facility uses an integrated treatment approach to address and treat substance abuse and co-occurring mental disorders. We use a combination of holistic and evidence-based therapies alongside 12-step programs to help our clients have a therapeutic healing experience. Attending one of the holistic addiction treatment facilities can help you leave a rehab center feeling rejuvenated and revitalized physically, mentally, and spiritually.

  • A Break From Routine Life

One of the pluses of attending an inpatient alcohol detox program is that it allows you to catch a break from everyday stressors. You will stay at a treatment facility for anywhere from 30 to 90 days, providing you with a breath of fresh air. The friendly and supportive ambiance at rehab can encourage you to get sober and maintain sobriety in the long term.

  • Peer Support

Rehab is a great place to start anew, especially when building a new social circle. You may have to get rid of things, people, and situations that once triggered you to do drugs or consume alcohol. Meeting individuals battling similar evils can help you socialize with like-minded people and develop new bonds in life. These friendships play a critical role in helping you stay clean in the long term.

  • Aftercare

Most rehabs help their clients transition into the outside world with ongoing care programs. Extended care programs allow alumni recovering addicts to meet their therapist weekly or monthly and discuss their achievements and challenges in recovery.

Call us at 833-723-0387 to join the best alcohol rehab near me in Prescott. Silver Sands Recovery offers the best 12-step programs, dual diagnosis treatment, extended care, and outdoor therapy at budget-friendly rates. 

Alcohol rehab near me
Silver Sands Recovery

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