detox facility Ventura

detox facility Ventura

As a victim of prolonged drug or alcohol addiction, you need to seek the services of a premier detox facility in Ventura right away. Enlight Treatment Center offers customized detox, along with comprehensive residential care in a prolific rehab facility.

The difference between a detox center and a residential rehab facility

The detox center only deals with primary substance use services, limiting its treatment protocol to detox and medical care. Detox centers are generally more affordable than residential facilities, but that’s because they offer fewer services overall. These facilities only tackle addiction symptoms and provide medical assistance based on medication and some psychiatric care.

Residential inpatient centers, like ours, take things to the next level. By comparison, our alcohol and drug addiction treatment in Ventura, CA, offers intensive care, incorporating programs like:

  • Personalized clinical detox – A patient-oriented program designed based on each client’s clinical profile. It relies on medication, therapy, and counseling to help patients overcome the withdrawal, regain their mental health stability, and prevent short-term relapse.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment – Evaluating, diagnosing, and addressing any co-occurring mental health disorder to ensure optimal clinical treatment and long-term care. Most addiction victims require dual diagnosis assistance during rehab to help them manage their mental health issues and recover fast and effectively. It is the ideal long-term treatment, helping patients remain sober over the years and avoiding the same addiction pitfalls.
  • Holistic treatment – The notion of holistic refers to treating the body, mind, and spirit via a comprehensive and all-encompassing recovery structure. Our unsurpassed substance abuse detox and treatment in Ventura County uses a holistic approach to help people overcome mental and emotional traumas, overcome grief, shame, anger, and grow into more responsible and confident individuals. It achieves these goals by resorting to procedures like family therapy, recreational therapies, community support, addiction and relapse prevention education, regular physical activity, nutrition optimization, etc.

Do I need drug detox or inpatient treatment?

You need both since these programs complement each other. The detoxification procedure goes hand-in-hand with our inpatient drug rehab and alcohol treatment, providing complimentary benefits. The detoxification procedure restores the chemical imbalances in the nervous system, cleanses the body of toxins, and prepares the mind for upcoming psychological interventions.

The inpatient treatment begins after detox and places patients in a controlled and comfortable environment for a limited period. The treatment is intensive and targeted, aiming to restore the patient’s normal physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional functioning, and that’s not all. It also aims to help patients develop a healthy lifestyle routine by promoting adequate nutrition, regular workouts, education, relapse prevention education, and more.

Our detox facility in Ventura offers all the amenities necessary for swift, safe, and comfortable recovery. This includes innovative treatment modalities, patient-oriented care services, psychiatric assistance, holistic healing programs, etc.

For an immediate appointment at our rehab clinic, we advise you to contact Enlight Treatment Center at 1-866-604-0727. You can now detox in a comfortable and supportive setting and make plans for a better lifestyle and future next to the people you love.

detox facility Ventura
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detox facility Ventura
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