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Santa Monica Center For Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery performs wisdom tooth extractions in Beverly Hills, CA.

When you’re in severe oral discomfort and pain, wisdom teeth removal doesn’t sound like a fun surgical procedure to undergo. However, if you’re nervous about your painful wisdom teeth and the impact they may have on your neighboring teeth, the best decision to make is having simple teeth extractions performed.

On the night of surgery, it is imperative that you have nothing to eat or drink (excluding prescription medications with a sip of water) for 6 hours prior to undergoing outpatient surgery. We have numerous sedation options available (ranging from local to general anesthesia) to ensure a pleasant experience from start to finish. Once the procedure is done, you can gradually begin to enjoy alcoholic beverages, ginger ale, spicy foods, and normal activity once again while entirely pain-free.

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedure

Wisdom teeth extraction is a dental surgery that is done in an outpatient facility by an oral surgeon. You may be sedated by either laughing gas (nitrous oxide) or IV sedatives. They will opt for the type of sedation you prefer, as well as the difficulty and number of tooth extractions.

If the tooth has not yet broken through the gum, a slight cut (incision) will be made to gain access to it. It’s possible that a small portion of the bone that surrounds the tooth would need to be extracted as well.

To make it easier to extract the tooth through the incision, it may be broken into smaller pieces. If the tooth has penetrated through the gum, there is less need for an incision.

You’ll feel some pressure right before the tooth is removed because your oral surgeon would enlarge the tooth socket by rocking the tooth back and forth before removal.

Since the region around your wisdom teeth is numbed, you might not experience any discomfort during the surgery. However, if you experience discomfort, let your oral surgeon know so that further anesthetic can be administered.

The time it takes to extract the tooth varies. Simple procedures can take a few minutes, but a more complex surgery can take up to 20 minutes or more for each tooth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal - Oral Surgery

Wisdom teeth can erupt if you don’t have enough room for them

Recovery Immediately Following Surgery

In the days after removal, avoid extremely hot (coffee), cold (ice cream), and spicy foods in order to mitigate the chance of experiencing severe swelling immediately following your surgery.

Adequate time spent enjoying a balanced diet will result in much more rapid healing and less post-operative bleeding than you’d otherwise experience.

You can take an active part in drastically reducing your chance of infection by limiting physical activities and restricting your diet to liquids for a few days after surgery. Soups and broths will keep your mouth clean and keep normal bleeding to a minimum. Ensure that you compensate for reduced food intake by increasing your fluid intake.

In order to further reduce excessive bleeding and avoid the painful complications of infection in the days following your tooth extraction surgery, use gentle salt water rinses with warm water 5-6 times daily immediately after consuming soft foods or a liquid meal. Vigorous mouth rinsing should be avoided, as this will only serve to aggravate your existing pain. Be sure that you replace your mouth coverings with fresh gauze as needed to reduce your existing perception of normal bleeding.

You may have the option to receive prescription pain medications for the short-term relief of an unfavorable reaction which causes unnecessary pain, moderate pain, or severe pain depending on the circumstance. In the event of nausea felt after taking these medications as prescribed, contact us immediately for further information on how to continue using these medicines safely.

Health complications that require the assistance of a doctor may arise irrespective of whether you choose to follow pain medication and diet instructions. However, we find that taking a short break from a normal diet of solid foods has helped thousands of patients to experience minimal post-operative discomfort and reduce their need for prescribed pain medication.

After Wisdom Teeth Removal

After a few weeks have passed since your wisdom tooth removal, you should no longer take previously prescribed pain medications for any reason. You will once again be able to enjoy solid foods, alcoholic beverages, spicy foods, and normal activity. You can keep your oral health at peak by continuing to brush and floss your teeth 2-3 times daily, along with maintaining gentle salt water rinses after meals.

If you continue to use prescription pain medication for eradicating minor symptoms of pain related to your operative procedure, you run the risk of experiencing a severe, flu-like withdrawal syndrome that lasts for approximately two weeks. In any normal post-operative event, you will begin to feel much better after the first week since surgery has passed, and you will no longer need any medications to relieve severe pain caused by undergoing tooth extraction or removal.

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While experiencing post-operative pain immediately following wisdom teeth removal is more than common, receiving the right dental care can help you prevent prolonged active bleeding, risk of infection (gum infection, bacterial infection) in addition to properly ensuring the full eventual repair of your oral health.

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