All On Four dental implants are the implant of choice if you need multiple teeth removed, or need to replace multiple missing teeth. All On Four implants can replace multiple teeth while using fewer implants. These implants also cost less than a full set of dental implants. Santa Monica Center For Oral Surgery And Dental Implants is proud to now bring All On Four Implants to Culver City.

What Are All On Four Implants?

All On Four implants are dental implants that use four individual titanium screws to completely replace the top or bottom teeth of a patient. These dental implants are permanent teeth that can be brushed and cleaned, don’t have to be removed, and allow the patient a return to their normal smile.


These dental implants are the perfect option for anyone missing multiple teeth on their upper or lower jaw. Since only 4-6 implants are needed for each jaw, they are a more cost effective and safer option than using implants for all individual teeth.


All On Four dental implants are also known as All On 4 dental implants or Full Arch dental implants.

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How Are All On Four Implants Done?

All On Four dental implants are done with four titanium screws. These screws are implanted at a 45 degree angle to maximize bone contact. This also means these dental implants are perfect for patients that have experienced bone loss.


This procedure will replace the need to create individual implants for each tooth, which will reduce cost, time, and surgical complications.


The procedure will generally go as follows:


  1. Our oral surgeons will make sure you are comfortable and administer anaesthesia
  2. Any failing or diseased teeth and gum tissue or bone will be removed
  3. Implants will be placed. Usually with two anchors in the back and two anchors in the front
  4. Once the implants are placed, sutures will be done and the patient will be taken to the recovery room.


Since this is a complex dental procedure, it is done by a trained oral surgeon rather than a dentist.

All On Four Post Op Care

Post op care after this procedure is not radically different from most other oral surgeries.

  1. Rest is at home is needed for at least the first 72 hours
  2. Swelling is to be expected, so place an ice pack on the area in 15 minute intervals
  3. Limit your diet to soft foods, such as applesauce, jello, protein shakes, etc

Who Is A Candidate For All On Four Dental Implants?

The perfect candidate for all on four dental implants is anyone who needs to replace multiple failing teeth, or who needs to replace multiple missing teeth.

Where Can I Get All On Four Dental Implants In Culver City?

Santa Monica Center For Oral Surgery And Dental Implants is proud to offer this service to people in Culver City. Our staff of highly trained oral surgeons can provide the best care for your oral surgery and dental implant needs.


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