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What Are All On Four Dental Implants?

The All On Four technique is a way to replace multiple teeth without having to create multiple dental implants. The all on four procedure uses four anchors to replace upper or lower teeth in the patient’s jaw. With only four implants, they are a much less invasive and avoids the need for a bone grafting medical procedure. Implants are inserted in four different spots in the gums, hence the “All On Four Dental Implants” moniker.

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Who Is A Candidate For All On Four Dental Implants

The perfect candidate for this procedure is a patient who have lost all their teeth on their top or lower jaw, and for whom traditional implants are not an option. These full mouth dental implants replace dentures, bridges, and prevent the need for more extensive medical procedures. Contact the oral surgeons at our surgery center to see if these dental implants are needed for your unique situation.

What Are The Benefits Of All On Four Implants?

These implants are a great solution for any patient who four or more implants or a full set of dental implants. These implants are secured using titanium implants, and can greatly reduce the amount of bone loss and the need for a bone grafting dental procedure in the future. All On Four dental implants are designed to mimic a natural set of teeth, and can be brushed and flossed as normal.

How Much Do All On Four Dental Implants Cost?

While we do our best to offer affordable all on four dental implants, for the most accurate quote please contact our office.

How Is the Procedure Done?

The procedure will generally go as follows:


  1. Our oral surgeons will make sure you are comfortable and administer anaesthesia
  2. Any failing or diseased teeth and gum tissue or bone will be removed
  3. Implants will be placed. Usually with two anchors in the back and two anchors in the front
  4. Once the implants are placed, sutures will be done and the patient will be taken to the recovery room.

All On Four Post Op Care

Post op care after this procedure is not radically different from most other oral surgeries.

  1. Rest is at home is needed for at least the first 72 hours
  2. Swelling is to be expected, so place an ice pack on the area in 15 minute intervals
  3. Limit your diet to soft foods, such as applesauce, jello, protein shakes, etc

Where Can I Get All On Four Implants In Hawthorne, CA?

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