Are you looking for dental implant services in Marina Del Rey? Look no further. You’ve found Santa Monica OMS – the best oral surgeon company in Marina Del Rey. All on Four Dental implants are innovative and deliver all of the benefits of true dental implants with none of the downsides. For example, All on Four Dental implants are both more customizable and cheaper than full dental implants, and they can also be used to replace single/multiple teeth.

About All On Four Implants

What are All on Four Implants? All on Four Implants are dental implants that make use of four individual titanium screws to completely replace a patient’s top or bottom teeth. They work through a process known as osseointegration, which is the advanced fusing process that occurs between titanium and human bone to create a bond stronger than rock.

These dental implants never have to be removed, look and feel exactly like permanent teeth that can be brushed and cleaned, and bring a patient’s smile back to life. If you’re missing a few or many teeth on your upper or lower jaw and can’t afford dental implants, All on Four Dental Implants are for you. Additionally, if you would like dental implants that don’t cost an arm and a leg, All on Four Dental Implants are for you too. Because only 4-6 implants are usually needed for the upper and lower portions of the mandible, they’re more cost-effective and a much safer alternative to dental implants being used to replace just a few teeth.

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Our company can give you back the smile and confidence you deserve for a fraction of what it might normally cost using our esteemed All on Four Dental Implants. What’s more is that because we’re the best oral surgeons in Marina Del Rey, you can rest assured that you’ll be given proper care from the minute you walk in our offices until you walk back out.

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