Dental Implant Pricing: What Factors Impact the Procedure’s Price?

dental implant pricing

Tooth loss is more common than many think. Recent data from the CDC found that one in six adults over 65 is toothless. Dental implants offer many adults an ideal solution for restoring their smiles.

So what factors determine dental implant pricing? The price range for dental implants can vary widely.

Read on to learn more about the dental implant process. We will explore the factors that determine the cost of this life-changing restorative treatment.

Common Factors that Affect Dental Implant Pricing

Before explaining your teeth replacement options, our Santa Monica oral surgeons will determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants. The dental implant process restores oral function after losing one or more teeth.

A wide range of factors determines the price of your restorative procedure. These factors include your health considerations, the complexity of your procedure, the number of dental implants required, and other factors. 

Oral Health

In order to be a candidate for dental implants, your oral surgeon will have to determine that you are in good oral health. One common barrier to dental implant placement is a lack of healthy bone to support the titanium post.

Following the loss of one or more teeth, the underlying jawbone tissue will naturally atrophy over time. This is because tooth roots act as tiny stimulators that promote jawbone growth.

Suppose your Santa Monica oral surgeon determines that you do not have sufficient jawbone tissue. In that case, you may require additional surgical treatments to ensure that your dental implants can be placed safely. 

Through a straightforward procedure called a sinus lift, your trusted oral surgeon can augment the bone tissue in your upper or lower jawbone. The bone grafting procedure reduces the risk of complications following dental implant placement. 

This restorative procedure may add to the overall cost of your dental implant treatment. If you have questions about your candidacy for sinus lift surgery, one of our esteemed oral surgeons will gladly explore this treatment option in depth. 

Complexity of Procedure

There are many factors that determine the complexity of your procedure. Every patient is different, and the length of your dental implant surgery may range widely.

In general, the more time that your procedure requires, the greater you can expect the cost to be. This is because your oral surgeon has overhead business expenses to cover just like any other business.

Have questions about how complex your dental implant procedures will be? One of our doctors will be glad to cover those cost factors during your consultation. 

Number of Crowns Placed

Dental implants have a fixed price. One common cost factor is the number of implants you require.

One missing tooth may only require a single implant. If you are missing multiple teeth, you may require several dental implants.

The metal tooth roots are made to last for a lifetime. For this reason, they are quite costly. 

Other Factors

Some patients require one or more tooth extractions before they can undergo dental implant placement. This may be due to the need to create more space for the implants or to remove unhealthy teeth.

Although doctors generally work to keep natural teeth, there are times when tooth extraction can improve oral health. There are other cost factors for dental implants, of course. The best way to have these questions answered is to set up an appointment today. 

What Are My Dental Implant Options? 

Dental implants are a term that describes a range of treatment options. Whether you opt for a single dental implant or our All-On-Four system, your oral surgeon will place one or more safe and durable implants to replace your lost tooth roots.

Our esteemed doctors are surgical staff at Providence Saint Johns Health Center, teaching faculty at UCLA School of Dentistry in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and Diplomates of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Depending on your goals and oral health needs, your oral surgeon may recommend one of these dental implant options. 

Single Dental Implant

If you have lost one tooth, your oral surgeon may recommend that you replace that tooth with an implant and dental crown combo. This procedure is straightforward and effective. Your crown can be matched to your natural teeth.


The All-On-Four system allows our oral surgeon to replace an entire arch of teeth. This system works well with people who have experienced jawbone atrophy. Your surgeon can place four implants in locations that optimize stability and strength. 

The procedure restores biting ability. You will no longer have to worry about wobbly removable dentures. Many of our patients find that implant-supported teeth feel completely natural. 


Are you looking for a quick fix for lost or missing teeth? Teeth-in-an-Hour revolutionized dental implant procedures.

The procedure is guided by a computer. The results are less swelling and bruising. 

Many of our patients return to work and activities the next day. Our surgeon begins the process with a 3D scan of the patient’s jaw. This scan allows a 3D model of the bone that your surgeon will use for the procedure. 

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